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Windshield Buddies

Windshield Buddy!


Windshield Buddies use a 10 oz. royal blue, vinyl-coated nylon to cover the windshield, supported by two wooden dowels at each end and wrapped inside the vehicles with elastic webbing and hooks. There is no need to alter your vehicle in any way, and the doors can always stay locked while the cover is in place. I guarantee every cover I make for two years.

These Windshield Buddies have been proven successful in keeping snow and ice off the windshields. We started in the winter of 2003 with the Albany, N.Y. Post Office ordering 51 covers. Please refer to the reference page for additional purchases made in the last two years.

The price is $70 $50 per cover for the LLVs and minivans, $80 $70 for the Two Tons. 

I now accept credit cards for your convenience.

Thank You,

Joe VanLeuven

Here you can see the Windshield Buddy supported by two straps running across the top and bottom of the inside windshield. Extra stitching supports these straps at the vinyl cover for extra long life.